From Freelance Website Designer to Business Owner

Having your own business is hard work.  I mean really hard work.  Any small business owner will tell you that. Nobody knows what it’s like until they are in that position. We’re talking about sleepless nights, tears, blood, sweat, pints of chocolate ice cream…ok, maybe not the ice cream part.   Trust me when I say that stepping out in faith and trusting that God will provide for your needs can be scary.  I started developing websites for friends and churches several years ago but now work full time as the owner and primary website designer for Ultimate Web Design Company. What started as a hobby has turned into a full time business but it took a lot of hard work and time and it still does.   At Ultimate Web Design Company, every day brings new challenges and new clients that need many different things.  We have found some things that have worked for us as a business and we have found some things that have not worked.

Becoming a Website Designer

When I first started out doing website design in 2009, I would tell my family, it’s all going to pay off one day…I promise.  Seven years later it’s beginning to pay off and I love what I do.  I couldn’t be more grateful for my web design company.  It wasn’t easy and it still isn’t.

When I first started out, I gave away free websites just to get somebody to give me a chance so I could get some experience.  For 3 years I worked another full time job as an administrative assistant, came home took care of my precious family and then stayed up until wee hours in the morning working on websites.  I remember many sleepless nights of hard work while the kids were asleep.  I spent A LOT of time learning and I STILL spend A LOT of time learning because technology is constantly changing.  I think that any good business owner looks for ways to be better and that’s what I do.  My way of doing things may be different than others but I have found out that every website designer is different and has their own ways of doing things.

As a small business owner myself, I can easily relate to other small business owners and I’m able to work with them based on their individual needs.  My clients know that they can call me day or night and I’ll be there. I may not always have all of the answers but I’ll do everything I can to get the answer as quickly as possible.  I believe that is what sets us apart as a web design company and as a digital marketer.

Merging Into Advertising

Last year my husband joined my team as we added print advertising as one of our services.  Now, let me tell you about hard work.  It would not have been so hard if there weren’t already tons of people trying to sell advertising, but guess what?  There are…at least in our location we’ve got a lot of competition.  SELLING IS HARD.  There’s no doubt about that!  More importantly though, we listened to the business owners and heard what they really wanted to invest in.

Here’s what we learned over an 8 month span in the print advertising business….Small business owners do not want to spend money and that’s that.  They are tight, but I don’t blame them.  As a small business owner myself, I can relate because we work very hard for our money and we want to spend it wisely.  We also learned that what business owners want most is to find their place on the web.  Many of them needed a social media manager, a new website design or pay per click advertising.  If you want to grow your business, THIS is where you want to spend your hard earned money.  Every business needs to find their place on the internet whether it’s through social media and/or a great website.  Don’t get me wrong because I still think that the print advertising is important, but almost everyone is on some sort of handheld device all day long.  Why not take advantage of that platform?

Choosing the Right Company to Build Your Online Presence

The fact is that I love doing websites and that is our primary service here at Ultimate Web Design Company.  Additionally, we do focus on social media management for businesses.  We take every job very seriously and spend the necessary time on each and every project to make sure that it is done to perfection because we want to make sure that our clients are happy in the end.  Hopefully, they will refer someone else who will also be happy who will then refer someone else and so goes the cycle.

If you are looking for someone to manage a current website, build a new website or you need social media services, why not give us a call?  Because we do not have a brick and mortar with employees and a lot of overhead, we’re able to save our clients money and provide a more individualized experience for them giving more bang for the buck.  Going with a big company that has a lot of overhead will cost you money in the end.  I promise. It will be all wrapped up into your pretty little package you sign and lock yourself into.  Call us today at 706-521-3199 to get started.