Using A Video For Business Marketing


Online video marketing is the process of using video to promote or market your brand, product or service.  Using a custom video for business marketing purposes can be a huge benefit to anyone wanting to get more traffic on their website. I want to introduce you to a new business in Griffin Georgia serving the…

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From Freelance Website Designer to Business Owner

lady designing a website at a computer drinking coffe

Having your own business is hard work.  I mean really hard work.  Any small business owner will tell you that.  Nobody knows what it’s like until they are in that position. We’re talking about sleepless nights, tears, blood, sweat, pints of chocolate ice cream…ok, maybe not the ice cream part.   Trust me when I say…

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Starting a Website for Beginners


Welcome to Website 101 – Starting A Website So you want a website but don’t know where to start? Don’t feel bad, most people don’t. If you’ve already established a business, more than likely you’re receiving calls from marketing companies wanting to sell you some sort of website service. The offer probably sounds exciting, overwhelming…

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Affordable Marketing Solutions

Print Advertising Ultimate Advertising is a division of our business that handles print advertising for local businesses in the central Georgia area. We offer services such as take out menus, placemats, coupon books and other innovative ways to help local business owners stay at the top of the minds of their clients on a regular…

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